The Ring of The Nibelungen Age of Mythology campaign by The Vandhaal

Age of Mythology campaign: The Rhinegold: Walkthrough for the wizard scenario

Age of Mythology The Titans campaign:  The Rhinegold: Walkthrough for the wizard scenario

Some referre to this scenario as: the enter the fortress scenario from the Rhinegold

This little write up is taken from the Vandhaal forum.

K here we go… the begin of this scenario has not a fixed way but I will try to write down the most easy way i can come up with. i will leave out the minor stuff

You have to see for yourself which parts you would like to skip and figure out yourself .

I do this out the top of my head so if something is not clear just ask again

So i write this so you can also just use it as a reff.

1) The castle yard

First of all change into the monkey shape.

Then explore around in the yard iself:

Its the smartest to chose yes when a dialogue asks you if you like to talk

A) You can talk to the man with the ripped off legs (just do i it)

B) You can listen to what the ravens are arguing about (just do it)

C) You can listen at the edge of the chimney ( the part where the smoke comes out of the ground) Just don’t come close to it because you have this walktrhough. The info you get is important but it makes also sure that the dogs will be let out from their kennel and start patrolling the yard.

there is a little box inside the kennel but we leave that for what it is (it gives a small clue for the wizards bedroom puzzle)

You will also notice a lighting change once in a while. This lighting change is accompanied by a door shutting sound. Well when this happends all magic doors in the castle will be open for a vew seconds and alberich can slip through

2) the castle hall

This is the smartest thing to start with.

So stay in the monkey shape and enter the entrance called hall.

Once in the hall go to the door to the right side(seen with the entrance at your back)

just move on untill you come in the guard room….you will hear them talk about poisoning the dogs because they touch their food. You see also some boxes but stay away from them for now,

proceed around the corner and go right, wait for the lighting change and slip through the magic door….move quickly inside the controlers room (first door on the right).

ok well i made it on purpose that the player doesn’t know which controler does what…..

These controlers open and close regular doors. You can see if a door is open by 2 things: 1) the little flags change from red (closed) to green (open) and 2) if you click the door you can read its name closed or open doors.

ok where where we ?.. a yes … the controle room. Ok first change back into the nibelungen shape, move alberich close to the controlers one by one and click them all to open.

once done change back into the monkey. if you look outside you will notice that you also have let the dogs out from the kennel at the back of the large hall..don’t worry we will deal with them soon.

ok now move to the last room on the same side as the controler room.

go in and , change into nib and open the box… will receive a key.

Count the beds in that room and mark their number down.

change back into monkey and move into the first room opposite to the controler room. (i will skip now the change part because you know now that only the Nibelungen shape can perform actions and the monkey can just savely explore around)

ok open the box which is opposite to the door of this room…you will see that the key fits and you receive bottles of poison…..well now comes the fun part…..change back into the monkey shape and..

if you open the other box you will see a map on how to activate a certain golem…you see that you need certain amounts of: wood, gold and favor and have to select the golem : mark this down

just move close to every dog in the hall and select it. The beast will be poisoned and dies…..remember the poison works only on the highlighted dogs.

Move to the kennel and keep in mind that the skull is higlighted ..It is a secret passage which you will open later remember it!

ok now the dogs are gone move to the last room opposite to the room where you conted the beds and received the key.

once inside a cinematic will start to play…..if it stops kill all the sleeping guards !! if they are all wasted Alberich will be upgraded with more lifeforce ( so higher hp). count their beds and add this number to the other bed counting result and mark it down for later. change back into the monkey

ok don’t open the box in the room of the sleepers.

You can open one of the boxes in the hall but i am not sure anymore which one… one is a small trap which damages you and the other gives healing.

move to the room with the gold and grab some (open box) change back to monkey.

ok now one room is left…the room of the guards captain.

you can only enter this door in the monkey shape…you have now the option to lure the capatian out of his room and damage him asmuch as possible or first get some better weapons.

ok lets get some better weapons first. Move back into the guards room with the fireplace, stay in the monkey shape ( you can also first kill the last highlighted dog in the entrance room with the poison).

ok now to the guard room…remember you do not have to fight them !!

you can just change into the nibelungen shape and lure them away into one of the hallways when they are all on a save spot for you change quickly back into the monkey and those bugbrains will stay their wondering where you are.

Once you lured them away go back and open the boc with the weapons around, the one with the wood and the one with the pigmeat.

you have now better weapons (attack goes up) time to deal with the captain. move back to his room and kill him.

once he is dead you will find a key which opens the box in his room and you will receive another clue : basicly it tells you that you have to bring the relic of the tower to the dungeon shrine, the relic of the dungeon to the hall and the relic of the hall to the tower.

ok now you have almsot completly cleared the hall and are upgraded and have some healing.

ok now move into the left door (seen with the main entrance at your back) at the main entrance hall.

you will come in a larger room with the shrine of the hall (see names)and the relic of the tower. try to move towards them and a wall will drop down and blocks your path ! No problem we solve this in a minute.

ok now go outside to the yard and enter the tower.

3) Short visit to the tower

ok just stay in the first room . if all is ok you receive a chat move to the small riumble part on the ground marked by a light beam. A cinematic starts and you will see your old pals the horned beatles (or relatives from them) back….after the cinemtic they will be putin your pockets and help you later.

ok now just a quick and tricky part….the valkiry staue is where you receive the favor needed to activate a certain golem…remember : wood, gold favor.

ok yoy can A) kill the guards and move alberich close and slect it.

B) change quickly from shape to shape and touch it

A will be good because you will make the room a save spot.

once you have the favor and the bugs go back to the hall again.

4) first relic

move into the room with the relic and shrine. Once close enough to the wall the horned beatles will pop out of your pocket and tear it down for you !

snatch the relic

bring the relic to the first room of the tower and drop it there for now.

5) The Dungeon

ok change into the monkey and move inside the dungeon

doesn’t matter which side you choose but just move further into the room with the skull wall at teh end.

Ok NOW DO NOT move into any jails…but move close and select the prisoners…they will give you hints…so mark them down.

once you have all the hints move through the skull wall

there is a man in the water pit where you can talk to .

ok move further trhough the large magic door and you will find another shrine and relic move close to the little golem and slect it (this is the one where you needed the gold, favor and wood for). You can now controle the littl golem…move him to the controller staright ahead and open them…the fool destoys them but also opend the door for you….move in and use the other set of controlers to open another door. take the key from the box and move into the door which you just have opend…move to to the edge of the large prison pit…..a cinematic will start and you will know what the secret of the wizrds power is Wink

ok when the cinematic is finished open the box in that room you will recieve a rhunebow (huntable animals attack goes up).

ok now go back and snatch the relic. move into the room with the pit and open the box left to the magic door (so seen with the door at your back)

You will recieve a map from the checker board room…Notice this cinematic is looping so just select the statue again ( you do not have to be close) to see it again.

on the map you see a save line marked by arrows. You can count also the tiles so you know exaxtly where to walk Wink use those map togther with the second helper which you will find later…the second helper is a couple of blood indications on the ground….both will make crossing the room easy as hell. other boxes are you own risk

—-updated part 28-08-2006…many thanx to El Greco for pointing this out—-

ok once done :you first have to bring the relic to the shrine of the hall (so where the beatles have torn down the wall).

well avoiding the guards is up to you….one tip here: you can lock them all up by being quick and using the controlers near the entrance !! but you can fight or try to run as a madman Wink up to you just get that relic to the hall

5,5 )Second helper for the checkerboard room and first relic placement

—-updated part 28-08-2006…many thanx to El Greco for pointing this out—-

First bring the relic you have found in the dungeon to the shrine of the hall and drop it there. As soon as you have dropped it a message will pop up which says you have unlocked a secret passage ( the highlighted skull passage)

Now move to the hall with the large kennel…you have opend that skull secret passage ( remember the hightligted one) ok move close select it and you will enter a secret room .

In the middle you see a controler inbetween 2 skulls…move close and select it…..A cinematic will start and you will see that small blood puddles appear in the checkerboard room….this is the second helper for that room

If alberich walks exactly from blood to blood in a straight line he will savely conquer the checkerboard room…combined with the looping map helper it will be easy to cross the room

6) The Tower

move into the tower and pick up the relic you left there….it will dissapear into thin air as soon as you come near the entrance of the checkerboard room…no worries we will get it back !

well move to the checkerboard room and use the info you have found earlier (blood and map) you can open the boxes at the startside on your own risk

The boxes on the other side are locked but we will get the the key in the next room.

so move into the next room (large hall with lava pit) go to the controler to the right (surrounded by curtians and select it…you draw back the curtains in front of the box move to the box open it and you will receive a key ! go back to the checkerboard room and open the boxes….you will get more healing and a bottle which gives your hp a mega BOOST up ( temporarely but you need it)

move back to the lavapit room and select the other controler….the curtains in front of 4 controllers will be drawn back.

these 4 controllers are a combination lock…you have to selct them in the right order to activate it…..its easy just keep selecting

once you have found the right combi the lava pit will be drained !…change into monkey and move into it…..a cinematic will start and after it you will have a magic battle with the wizard.

well the battle you have to solve yourself…use healing and or shapeshifting and you will survive.

once you have beaten the wizard a cinematic starts…be quick because he will run away and leave tou behind with some unbeatable HUGE golems !!

You will see another set of contolers ..yep right on again a combination lock which will fill the lava pit…now the following will take speed and quick action. !! you have to lure the big golems (titans) into the pit and fill it up with lava in order to destroy them….no furthert tips here.

there are also some little golems you can run from them or kill them up to you.

ok once the big golems are killed a new contoller will appear it is marked by a timeshift effect… it to draw back the curtains at the back of the room…snatch the relic nearby the throne of the wizard (yes the one which was dissapeard has been teleported here)

move on and open boxes at own risk

ok the next room is the wizards bedroom some mini golems will attack but they are no match for you……first move to the cuboard( osiris box turned upside down. select it and you get a choise dialogue….now the counting of the beds comes in handy (remeber the sleepers and the bedroom in the hall) answer to question correctly and you will recieve a rhundagger !!! needed to destroy the hart of the titan !!!

ok now step up in front of the 3 statues one by one . move on the blue part (again a kind of combination so not difficult to figure out)

once all the magic is activated a new entrance will appear ! ok before you step in remember the notes you have made while talking to the prisoners in the dungeon you need this now.

ok go in

a cinematic will start and you will have a second battle with the wizard !! but this time its not fighting but pure magic…just answer (means choosing) the choise dilaogues with the correct answers recieved from the prisoners.

ok once solved a contoler will appear select it to draw back the curtains.

move into the room at the right side and you will find the shrine of the tower…drop the relic and pick up the relic of the dungeon.

move out of the room use the contollers opposite the entrance you just popped out of and move into the entrance beside the controler set.

you are now back again in the dungeon…but this time from another side Wink

ok quickly bring the last relic to the shrine of the dungeon and come back to the room again….you will find that the door to the heart of the titan is open because you have placed the relic of the dungeon….move to it and start destroying the heart of the titan…..

a cinematic will kick in and tadadada you solved the mystery of the castle Smile

man my fingers are hurting from this long typing…..well sorry for the typos but i hope it is clear enough.

If you have some more questions or something is not clear enough just ask again !! i did this out the top of my had and are almost sure i have not forgot anything. The route description is maybe not the most efficeint but again i did it out of the top of my head.

Just keep saving the game frequently !!

Ok good luck and have fun with the rest of your adventure !!


The Ring of The Nibelungen Age of Mythology campaign by The Vandhaal



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