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FIGHT CLUB LIVE stream on Twitch

Join us for some rounds of League @ Fight Club Live on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/the_vandhaal



Vandhaal forum more or less restored

Not that I have even the slightest illusion that somebody cares but anyway….

The vandhaal forum has been more or less restored and is back up again (after ages of waiting)

Gallery is another story its still down/gone so you will miss some pictures in the forum…..there is also an error with the attachment mod (aom tt recorded games and downloads) but that has to wait for some other time……the rest seems to be functional again….for how long??? only Odin knows that

anyway just to inform those who are interested



Vandhaal forum banner

Vandhaal forum and gallery sql databases gone

Not that I have even the slightest illusion that somebody cares but anyway….

Pacos informed me that, for some mysterious reason, the Vandhaal forum and gallery datatabases and all other gamingextremes.us databases inlcuding those of Pacos his own blog are completly gone from the gaming extremes server😦 none database files are all still there so thats all cool

means basicly that forum and gallery are gone/down/dead/erased/terminated for now.

Pacos said he will build them up with a backup again…so if that will work all should be back again.

forum database backup and all forum files are still all there.

Currently all none database driven parts of the websites are functional and fine……Vandhaal forum banner

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds OLD Obi One Kenobi rules!

Nothing spectacular but a funny short pointless video:)


Editor Fight 7 Count Dooku vs the old ( Ben ) Obi-Wan Kenobi

quoted from youtube page:

2 old man, one good, the other evil, fighting it out in my arena.

Age of Mythology: Old names in a new Age

Remember good old cavetown? remember the master of eyecandy Swift Sampson?….remeber their Rise of Zeus campaign?……no??….well the ancient gods do remember……..and cavetown came down from Olympus to redesign some stuff of this old campaign……check it…..and check swifts great eyecandy

download here

age of mythology Rise of zeus by cavetown and Swift sampson

OneCore™ • Age of Mythology youtube channel

Euroqueb started a new youtube channel on which he tries to collect as much as possible nice Age of Mythology The Titans based cinematics….its a bit a theatre of the mind and aom cinematics Valhalla but then different:
this is Euroquebs idea behind it:
—quote starts—-
OneCore’s a project I am making with a few other youtubers that reunites multiple amateurs’ videos of different categories. I’m the first to make one, and it’s about AoM.
—quote ends—-
check the channel


I Live in the woods!

A woodsman’s frantic journey, driven by happiness, slaughter, and a confrontation with America’s God.
By Max Winston


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