The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal

Age of Mythology : The Corruptor

The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal



O my brothers and my sisters, gather around me that I may tell the tale of what happened after the Before-Time, after the Golden Age when the gods walked  upon the earth with us.

It was said that in the Golden Age  Osiris the great-grandson of Ra sat upon the throne of the gods, ruling over the living world as Ra did over the gods. He  was the first Pharaoh, and his Queen, Isis, was the first Queen. They ruled for many ages together, for the world was still young and Grandmother Death was  not as harsh as she is now. The ancient legend goes on and tells us about the evil Set and how he killed his brother Osiris, it tells how Osiris was resurrected  and how his son yielded the throne of the underworld to him and how he became the lord of the dead with his trustful Son at his side as the Guardian of the  dead ….

But there is another , forgotten , legend…..which tells the true story of what happened after this Golden Age.. It tells the story of the actual events which caused  the downfall of the Egyptian Gods and the mighty Egyptian Empire of the mortals. It speaks about the one  who is called The Corruptor, how this Corruptor  killed his father and how he was punished by Ra for this action. The legend tells about how Ra turned his back on the mortals  and  how he  , thousands of  years,  later got confronted again with the Corruptor. It tells us about the ignorance of a Pharaoh and the brave  but desperate struggle of the people who lived  in the lands of Egypt.

So come and sit down brothers and sisters and keep the tale  I am about to tell in your hearts and give it to others, as I am giving it to you….


The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal
This project was well more or less some crazy immature dream to create a feature length movie….and yes i used the AoM TT game to realize it…damn there must be thousands of triggers and scripts to make all the stuff act like its does in the movie and the more to let it al run smoothly and in real time in the Age of Mythology game engine. As this is a hobby design thing for me…i did it exactly as with all my other hobby design stuff……nothing was planned ahead…the story developed as i went along triggering and designing the sets. I often was curious myself what would happen next… The voice actors also did a great job by adding their magic to this 120 minute long movie. Whether you like it or hate it I think we all can agree that this is the first feature length movie ever created with the Age of Mythology game in the world (yes, yes just a little bit braggin here and i will stop right away with it 🙂 … first says ofcourse nothing about the quality). Just see for yourself if you like it or not…  and ofcourse I hope you guys & girls enjoy this stuff..

The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal



The Corruptor is an Age of Mythology The Titans feature length cinematic in campaign style created by; The Vandhaal

Directed,story, cinematic, map design, triggers( fully scripted) and all visuals by: The Vandhaal

Released in 2009

Voice actors (in the order of appearance):

Narrator: Rebeka Thomas
Anubis: Ty ‘Aramek’ Konzak
Crowd on the beach: Nicolas ‘Grandpa’ Gray Samantha ‘Samurai’ Carotenuto
Guardian: Scott Oka
Aleia: ‘Rina-chan’
Ra: Rina ‘Mizura’ Adachi
Mubis: Samantha ‘Samurai’ Carotenuto
Theris: Stephen ‘Shard-Spider’ Lynch
Lion Warrior: ‘El Flesh’
Leoos: David ‘Shockdingo’ Dixon
Abdullah: Delm ‘whatocean’ Lars
Shaba Ka: Bill ‘Cowfoots’ Young
Omar: Patrick ’emcgo’
Horoth: ‘Rabids Squirrel’
Lion Queen: Melissa D. ‘Mippa’ Johnson
Oeton: Lawrence ‘MasakoX’ Simpson
Hassan: Joshua ‘TomaMoto’ Tomar
Captain: Caleb ‘gamecheater2009’ W.
Sailor: Nikolas ‘Grandpa’ Gray
Thud: Edwyn Tiong
Guard: David ‘p3rfect’ York
Priest: Morgan ‘Mochan’ Barnhart
Chariot Soldier:’Rabids Squirrel’
Sphinx: David ‘p3rfect’ York
Isis: April Sadowski
General: Christopher ‘GeneralIvan’ Guerrero
Osiris: Lawrence ‘MasakoX’ Simpson

Additional Ambient Voices :

Villager : Sophie Neveu
Warrior #1: Christopher ‘GeneralIvan’ Guerrero
Warrior #2: Trent I. ‘PharaohZ’ Stanley

Big thanx to the Voiceactors for helping me with their magic!
Big thanx also to all others who helped and supported me!

The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal



  • 5 full cinematic scenarios for the AoM TT game (campaign style).
  • High detailed movie sets with personalised location features.
  • Underwater, space and air scenes.
  • Nice camera tracks.
  • Custom composed music score.
  • Custom created music score.
  • Voice acting.
  • Custom sound sfx
  • Feature length movie (120 minutes long).
  • Nice storyline.
  • 5 custom overlay pictures.

The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal


Watch or download the Corruptor trailer
Download movie: Please right-click the links and select: Save target as


The Teaser collections gives you some sneak peaks into the movie and shows you also examples of the voice actors and their magic.



All Corruptor screenshots can be found in the Age of Mythology the Corruptor gallery

The Corruptor Age of Mythology feature lenght machininma movie by The Vandhaal screenhots




The Corruptor campaign version movie for Age of Mythology the Titans download. Download this Vandhaal joint and enjoy Guys & Girls. The download package contains all you need to enjoy this movie from your AoM TT game: campaign file, scenario files,custom music folder, custom voice acting folder, custom sound effect folder, custom campaign menu overlay images, read me.

This Full cinematic AoM TT campaign is downloadable on various locations. There are millions around the Internet. If the above download links do not work for you just message/ post a comment to The Vandhaal.
The file has a size of 314 mb. The download package is compressed with winzip.
Please make sure you read the included Read me file before installing the campaign.

The Corruptor Age of Mythology movie by The Vandhaal



6 thoughts on “Age of Mythology : The Corruptor

  1. Eh man! Really loved your work when I was much younger. With AoM:EE on Steam, I was curious if there was a way to watch those beauties in their original format? Cheers!

    1. Hey hello…. nice to hear that the younger you liked the stuff and had some fun spare time back then…… well you can still watch this one (and the others) with the original AoM TT game but i did’t convert/adapt it for EE….. I did convert/adapt some other stuff for AoM EE some years ago….wonders of the deep and the Tower of Babylon (but the aom ee tower is messed up after they patched ee and changed all the object numbers)….and i made one new thing for ee…..realm of the god maps …….anyway Cheers and i hope you will keep those nice memories for a long time (whoever you where back then 🙂 )

      here is the stuff on steam:

  2. Oh silly me! Sorry didn’t bother to scroll down the ‘read-me’ file. Awesome work Vandhaal! Absolute art! Congratutalions!

    1. LoL..yes readme files are often handy to read ,-) …well I hope you enjoy it…or if you have watched it already i hope you enjoyed it
      Best regards,
      The Vandhaal

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