Age of Mythology machinima movie Clash with the Gibichungen by The Vandhaal

Age of Mythology: Clash with the Gibichungen DVD video

Clash with the Gibichungen machinima DVD by The Vandhaal




Clash with the Gibichungen The Directors cut tells the tale of the first encounter from Alberich and his Nibelungen with the sinister and ruthless Gibichungen race.

Story intro from the Campaign The Ring of the Nibelungen act 1: The Rhinegold where this movie is part of……
The Norns discover that their spinning wheel has made a knot in the Rope of Time….it is an ill Omen. The Dark Alba will rise. he will change the worlds of mortals…and gods…forever. In the end he even can cause the downfall of the Light Alba himself…

In a time lost to history, when the gods still walked among the mortals the power thirsty Nibelungen Alberich  (a nightdwarf), steals the magical Rhinegold from the daughters of the Rhine. This act will change the worlds of the Gods, Titans, Spirits and mortals forever. With the powers this treasure holds he is finally able to fulfill his long last dream; to become the ruler of Nibelheim and the entire world. As Alberich and his legions start their tour of death and destruction he is not aware that he will play a key role in a deal between Wotan, the supreme leader of the gods, and the mighty Titans….The campaign will take you from the dark underground world of Nibelheim along the various races which live by the Rhine up into the realm of the gods themselves…….and back.You take control of Alberich, his Generals and his legions as they proceed to meet their destiny….

Age of Mythology machinima movie Clash with the Gibichungen by The Vandhaal 

Basically this cinematic was my first ever “go” to create a longer movie in the Age of mythology game. It was part of the Nibelungen AoM TT campaign. Although the campaign contains many more cinematics this one was probably the most complex to set up and trigger. Of course later AoM TT movies like for example the Corruptor or especially the cinematics from Wonders of the Deep and from the Tower of Babylon are technical but also visual far better done this Clash movie still has a special place for me personal as it stays the first bigger one…so thats why i decided to record it and update it with new music/sound score and voice acting. And ofcourse I was curious if I could turn it all into a full feature DVD video…..anyway its just hobby stuff so I hope you enjoy it.



Clash with the Gibichungen the directors cut DVD video is a machinima movie made with the  Age of Mythology The Titans game  by: The Vandhaal

Directed,voice acted, story, cinematic, map design, triggers, DVD video creation and all visuals by: The Vandhaal

Released in 2007 





  •  DVD with animated main menu
  • New enhanced fully voice acted movie with new sound and music score
  • Gallery menu
  • Extra menu with some goodies
  • About menu
  • Scene selection
  •  Download pack includes all artworks for DVD case, face and booklet to give the final touch on your personal Clash with the Gibichungen copy
  • Free downloadable and free to distribute


Age of Mythology machinima movie Clash with the Gibichungen by The Vandhaal



Watch the stand alone movie: The Clash with the Gibichungen
Find in the download part of this page a link to download the stand alone movie



All the Clash with the Gibichungen DVD video screenshots can be found in the Age of Mythology The Clash with the Gibichungen gallery. The gallery contains also low quality examples of the DVD cover artworks which are included in the download pack for the DVD video.

The Vandhaal- The Ring of the Nibelungen act1: Clash with the Gibichungen DVD

Find the screenhsots gallery for the Ring of the Nibelungen act 1: The Rhinegold campaign here.

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The download for the Clash with the Gibichungen DVD video is available in 2 video formats PAL ( Europe ) & NTSC ( U.S.A) …so check which version you need before downloading
Please make sure you READ also the included READ ME file
If you have a DVD player or a game console like the X Box which can switch between both video formats and a television set which can handle that…then it does not matter wich version you download. The High quality artworks for DVD cover, booklet and disc are included in both download packs….so you can give your personal version of this DVD the final touch.

For the DVD version you need a DVD burner on your system. Simply unzip the Iso file and burn this Iso file on a DVD. After this you can watch the DVD back on your Television set with any modern DVD player…and ofcourse on any modern DVD player on your computer system or console device like X-Box.

 You can also watch and download the stand alone movie:

If the above download links do not work for you just message/ post a comment to The Vandhaal.

Age of Mythology machinima movie Clash with the Gibichungen by The Vandhaal



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