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I Kick Ass For The Lord!

Yesterday I showed Oscar trailers and clips from the older, but awesome, movies made by award-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter jackson. Sure Lotr movies are great but Peter Jacksons other stuff is eqaully great…..I showed Oscar the first long movie : Bad Taste  (which was made  by Jackson and his pals and totally unexpected for them they won an award at the Cannes Film Festival. with it) and the violent and sick puppet movie Meet the feebels…..but there is also still the great splatter movie BrainDead…… well below follows a clip from this peter jackson joint.

(check here on the wiki for more info about all films and stuff by Peter Jackson)

What do you get if you mix religion with a karate master???….noooo…you do not get El Flesh…..but yessss..  right you get this awesome Priest from the movie brain dead , should also be something for El Flesh as the clip combines two of El Flesh his favourite topics (well make that three since flesh also likes zombie shooting in l4d).

anyway hope you enjoy this clip from Brain Dead Oscar ,-)

I Kick Ass For The Lord!

below movie links to youtube


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