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Ugly wife syndrom

There is only one known cure for Ugly Wife/Girlfriend Syndrome- stay tuned to the end if you are suffering from Ugly Wife/Girlfriend Syndrome. Over four hundered million men are fighting Ugly Wife Syndrome today… We cannot be so harsh to say to them….its all their own fault because well they where blind fools or so friggen desperate because they where such losers who could not get a decent wife and so they married with such such ugly bitches…or can we?
Unsure if you have Ugly Wife/Girlfriend Syndrome??
this is what it means
1.Married a wife that became a fat, ugly, useless, good for nothing,unable to drive, denies you things and bosses you around,sexually repulsive bitch. ( and so on and so on)
2.The exact opposite of a trophy wife.
Dude your wife has really let herself go.Seems to me you have the Ugly Wife Syndrome.

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