Age of Mythology FIGHT CLUB: El Flesh vs Vandhaal 10 minute supremacy victory

Not the latest Fight Club party event but still one of the most hilarious ones

Age Of Mythology Fight Club The Vandhaal
The Vandhaal (age of mythology texture mod)
Age of Mythology Fight Club El Flesh El_Flesh
El Flesh (age of mythology texture mod)

Age of Mythology the Titans FIGHT CLUB

19 Sep, 2010 Age of Mythology The Titans on eso— Fight Club— saturday night fight

El Flesh with Hades vs Vandhaal With Odin 10 minute victory…don’t worry the video is shorter 🙂
This AoM TT supremacy guide demonstrates how you wipe out Hades under command of El Flesh if you are The Vandhaal who worships ODIN ( not useful for any bad mottha fucka expert playas hahahah)
This was part of a 3 vs 3 supremacy game……but this time Flesh had not the luck to get his ass saved by his allies….as they also needed a bit more time….hahahahah enjoy the video guys
and check
for the aom tt .rcx recording 🙂

Oh and this video was recorded from a recorded game with fog of war switched off…so full visible map…before somebody starts screaming and shouting the Odin guy used a map hack hahahahhaah

As this was a 3 vs 3 game there where ofcourse other players

behold here their names:

Oscar, Glitch, DoD_Atheist and Vf

BTW check for some more funny FIGHT CLUB recorded games the Rec forum section.


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