Clash with the Gibichungen DVD video Age of Mythology based machinima

The Age of Mythology the Titans page for the Clash with the Gibichungen free DVD video is up. <<full page here and download this DVD video>>

Clash with the Gibichungen the directors cut DVD video is a machinima movie made with the  Age of Mythology The Titans game  by: The Vandhaal. It’s a DVD and stand alone movie free to download, created during 2006 and  released early 2007.  The story of Clash with the Gibichungen The Directors cut tells the tale of the first encounter from Alberich and his Nibelungen with the sinister and ruthless Gibichungen race. You will also be able to view the stand alone video on the page.

Age of Mythology machinima movie Clash with the Gibichungen by The Vandhaal

DVD features:

    New enhanced fully voice acted movie with new sound and music score
    DVD with animated main menu
    Gallery menu
    Extra menu with some goodies
    About menu
    Scene selection
    Download pack includes all artworks for DVD case, face and booklet to give the final touch on your personal Clash with the Gibichungen copy
    Free downloadable and free to distribute
    check for more information, download, screenshots, stand alone movie and stuff here

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